Smile Gallery:  Before and After Photos

                     Before                                                    After

Before and After Invisalign: Correcting Crowding & Misalignment


Before and After Invisalign: Closing Gaps


Patient came in with unfinished orthodontics from years ago performed at another office.  She was very unhappy with everything and wanted to know if we could take the braces off and give her smile back.

Dr. Hoda Bassiri was able to take the braces off and restore all the bad teeth and with a couple of crowns was able to give our patient this WOW smile πŸ™‚

Patient presented with these veneer done at another office and she was very unhappy with her smile and wanted to replace them.

Check out her new beautiful and bright smile.  Her own words are “I cannot stop smiling and I recommend Fusion Dental Care and Dr. Hoda Bassiri to everyone”. 

Our patient wanted more natural and beautiful teeth.  She had always wanted veneers to cover the white spots and close the gaps.

Isn’t her smile gorgeous now? With Whitening and Porcelain veneers, Dr. Bassiri has helped our patient have a beautiful & bright smile that she is proud to show off.

Our patient was not happy with the shape and alignment of her front teeth.  After a smile design consultation with Dr. Bassiri she wanted porcelain veneers.


Dr. Hoda Bassiri delivered beautiful and natural looking dental veneers to create a gorgeous smile and make our patient happy πŸ™‚

Before Gingivectomy: Asymmetry noted on patient’s upper right lateral gum tissue.  Recommended gentle removal of excess tissue.

After Gingivectomy: enhanced smile, patient reported no pain and healed within couple of hours!  We love to see our patient’s beautiful smile!

Before Veneers: Trauma to front teeth- patient had always wanted to have front gap closed.

After Veneers: To close space and protect front teeth from future fracture. Patient is very happy with her new smile!


Patient had been told that the only way she could fix her bottom teeth were with crowns but patient was seeking a more conservative solution.


Dr. Hoda Bassiri was able to do just that and in one appointment used bonding to give our patient a beautiful smile πŸ™‚  

Bonding- Before-RaleighFusionDentist

Patient was not happy with her smile and the discoloration after having braces at a young age. 


Dr. Hoda Bassiri has a passion for art and in one appointment using bonding was able to give this patient a beautiful smile to be proud of πŸ™‚




Slight relapse after braces- patient wasn’t happy with the small spaces between her teeth.




Invisalign clear aligners completed- Express 5 which only took 2.5 months to make her beautiful smile even better πŸ™‚


Patient presented with immediate need for an upper denture.  If you’ve been waiting for a long time to get the smile of your dreams- you don’t have to wait anymore- call us today!


Patient is pretty satisfied with the results and so are we-  so now we’re going to start on the bottom!  

We’re so happy to see him happy and all smiles πŸ™‚


Bonding and recontouring…


to achieve a beautiful smile πŸ™‚


Patient had a chipped tooth that could easily be fixed with a porcelain veneer.

Beautiful smile achieved by placing a Veneer in 2 simple appointments- most people can’t tell which tooth has the veneer, can you?


Patient did not like the space between her teeth and wanted to have a pretty smile for her wedding pictures.


Bonding in one appointment to close spacing performed by Dr. Hoda Bassiri.  We love to see you smile πŸ™‚

Chipped Front teeth-before-RaleighDentist

Chipped front teeth and bone loss.  
Patient wanted to have a nicer and healthier smile!

Chipped Front teeth-after-RaleighDentist

Deep cleaning and Bonding to fix front teeth.  Your smile is our inspiration πŸ™‚

IMG_9735Patient complained of loose teeth after a car accident in the past.  He wanted his missing teeth replaced and a better smile.  

See the results on the right, now that’s something to smile about πŸ™‚


In 2 visits- completed Deep cleaning upper and lower arches and removed 2 loose teeth on the bottom and replaced them with a nice partial.

IMG_9257Patient wanted to close gap without orthodontics/braces.

With only 2 front Crowns placed by Dr. Hoda Bassiri, patient was so excited to have his gap closed within two weeks. 

Image 1Patient complained of one of his front teeth being darker than the rest of his teeth.  Shade match shows shade A4.

IMG_9338Dr. Hoda Bassiri was able to give our patient a beautiful smile by performing non-surgical root canal therapy and internal bleaching and achieve shade A1 in only 2 sessions.  Patient and his girlfriend are both very satisfied with the cosmetic results and so are we!

Chipped tooth-crown-raleighdentist

This patient presented with broken front tooth that was fractured in half. 

RaleighDentist-Crown-front tooth

In less than 2 weeks he got his tooth and smile back by getting a nice looking crown!


Invisalign treatment completed by Dr. Hoda Bassiri.  


Thanks to clear braces, In only 8 months, we were able to give our patient a beautiful smile and correct all the things that she was concerned about like the crowding on the front teeth.


One of our favorite patients presented with the old fillings on the two front teeth and complained of stained and discolored fillings that have been replaced multiple times in the past, undesired spacing between the front teeth and gum recession.  


Dr. Hoda Bassiri recommended two conservative Porcelain Veneers on the front teeth and was able to deliver a beautiful smile that solved all three problems in only two appointments within two weeks!

Completed  Root canal therapy on several teeth and crown build-ups, gingivectomy to correct gummy smile, and crowns on ten upper teeth.  All treatment completed in 3 months. 

Message received from the patient:  “I can’t stop smiling!!! I even lost 20lbs!! I am so thankful for what you did.  You have no idea how much a simple smile has changed my life!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

Atraumatic extraction of broken tooth #8 completed, immediate implant placement, and temporary flipper fabricated while implant healed.

Final custom abutment and implant crown completed 5 months later, patient was extremely happy with results and so was his wife.

Patient presented with fear of dentistry but did not like her smile and dark areas on her teeth and really wanted our help.  We were able to remove all decay and fill all cavities with tooth colored composite restorations.  Patient was also missing a tooth on the lower left which we fixed with a bonded bridge until patient could afford an implant.  More importantly it was the relationship established that meant a lot and it was nice to hear from her later.

Message to Dr. Hoda from patient:

“Dear Dr. Hoda,
It was such a pleasure to meet you and have you willing to do what you did.  I can not thank you enough for all you did.  I felt like you truly cared about what I wanted and needed done.  You did not just restore my smile, but my self confidence.  Thank you very much!!!”

Patient lost a long span bridge from canine to 2nd molar due to too much force that caused cavities underneath the bridge.  Abutment teeth had to be extracted, instead an implant was placed.

An implant supported partial was fabricated to provide support and a nice smile was achieved again.